Employee Interview – Susan Lawrence

Susan at our local MS150 ride

  1. Tell us your name. Susan Lawrence
  2. What is your position here at Performance and can you briefly sum up your job? I am the merchandise planner for the components division.  I plan our sales, margin and inventory for the budget and I plan order quantities and receipt dates at the product level.
  3. How long have you been working here? The company was only a year and a half old when I started working here and there were only 16 people on the payroll.  It’s been over 26 years now; for those of you wondering “why”, it’s the people I work with that keep me here. Read more of this post

2010 Bike Preview: Scattante Americano Courier Series Single Speeds

This year’s Scattante Courier Series sold out in no time.  2010 Couriers will adopt the Americano model name and break new ground with graphics, parts packages, and color matching.  These bikes look just as good in person and will be the perfect ride to head down the hipster silk route… or just for a pit stop at your local library (but be sure to lock it up when you go inside).  You can expect to see these new models around February, so until then you’ll just have to make do with more pretty pictures:

2010 Scattante Americano 1

Read more of this post

Employee Interview – Oscar Matías

Oscar and his Monsterbike

  1. Dinos cómo te llamas? Tell us your name? Oscar Matías
  2. Cuál es tu posición aquí en Performance, puedes describir brevemente tu trabajo? What is your position here at Performance and can you briefly sum up your job? Trabajo en el área de producción.  Yo empaco ordenes y conduzco el monta cargas. I work in the production department. I pick/pack orders and drive the fork lift.
  3. Cuánto tiempo llevas trabajando con Performance? How long have you been working here? Llevo trabajando con Performance 1 ½ years. I have been with Performance for 1 ½ years. Read more of this post

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