Spin Doctor Tech Tip – Rotating your tires

Our Spin Doctor tech tip team has some advice for those looking to get a little more life out of your tires (and really, who doesn’t):

Rotating your tires front to rear is a great idea to increase the longevity of the pair but…..

If you like to ride on the edge (whether cornering with the pros or shredding technical singletrack), THINK TWICE.

Riding singletrack

Most steering control, both off-road and on, comes from the front tire while more tire wear happens with the drive forces on the rear.  So putting a road tire worn flat or a MTB tire with worn lugs on the front will lessen traction when cornering hard.

To prolong the life of your tires, save some money and keep high performance traction, ride your tires until the rear is worn out, move the front tire to the rear, and put a grippy new tire on the front.

Of course, that’s just our take.  What’s your experience with getting the most life out of your tires?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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