Diamondback Knuckle Box

Performance Bicycles is proud to present 8 brand new models of 2010 Diamondback full suspension all-mountain bikes.

With industry-leading technology and on-trend graphics, Diamondback has delivered two lines of bikes that are both high performance and great values. Diamondback Sortie bikes have 5″ of travel to tackle any trail while Mission bikes step up to 6″ of travel for all-mountain fun.  Both feature a new, revised Knuckle Box suspension design.

Knuckle Box is “Perfect Suspension Made Simple”:

Even More Efficient than Before: Diamondback designed Knuckle Box to pedal efficiently with long-travel suspension. For 2010, Diamondback dialed in a bit more efficiency by reducing the bike’s overall leverage ratio. The bikes are buttery-smooth on small bumps, but accelerate and climb even better than before.

Stiffer In all the Right Places: It’s easy to build a bike that’s stiff and heavy. Same goes for light and flexy. Building a frame that’s stiff and light? That’s the challenge. The Knuckle Box design has always boasted one of the best stiffness-to-weight ratios on the market. For 2010, Diamondback engineered even more stiffness into each frame without adding an extra ounce.

Excellent Maneuverability: Rail a tight switchback on one of these bikes and it’ll hit you—this bike tracks like it’s on rails. There’s a good reason for that. The Knuckle Box design has an exceptionally low center of gravity, which boosts stability. It’s basic physics and the same reason Indy 500 race cars look like more like go-karts and less like monster trucks.

Wickedly Smooth: Diamondback wanted this suspension to have that perfect “endless travel” feeling, yet didn’t want to blow through all that travel when they rode off something stupid-big. That’s why they spent two years collaborating with the engineers at Fox to build the perfect rear shocks for their Knuckle Box bikes. Read more of this post


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