The first 40 at 20 of the year

word. this really doesn’t mean anything… just word.

It’s going to mean something when I drop the word “hammer” on you up the steeps!

You too EWEB. Just like cross season.

oh, no you did not! game on!

And just like that, the 2010 40 at 20 was on.

Here at Performance Bike corporate HQ we have a Wednesday evening tradition, once the weather starts to shake off the early spring chill and we get that extra hour of daylight, that we like to call the 40 at 20. As you might have guessed, the goal (and the route, usually) is the same every week: average a pace of 20 miles per hour over a 40 mile route of rolling country roads (and a few real hills) with 2 all-important, hotly contested, county line sprints! You never know who will show up to try their luck, but the rules are always the same: show up with a sense of humor (everyone gets made fun of at some point), keep the pace when you take your pulls at the front, and be sure you know the way back… because there’s a good chance no one will wait up if you get spit out the back!

So without further ado, we present the first in a series of mostly true, but definitely entertaining, ride summaries from our sometimes epic 40 mile group ride (which is currently only 30 miles long since we don’t quite have enough daylight after work yet), as seen through the eyes of Randy Jones, our mercurial receiving guru (and crafty sprint master).

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