40 at 20 #3 – Tuck and Roll

Another ride recap of our weekly Wednesday night group ride from headquarters, as written by our very own Randy Jones (in case you forgot, the goal is always to ride the 40, sometimes 30, mile route with an average speed of 20 MPH):

While a pack of riders skinsuited up for the local time trial, a small group of Wednesday warriors headed out under overcast skies and chilly sub 60 temperatures. McCarter was the first to admit that if he wasn’t warm in ten minutes he’d call a SAG wagon for a pick up and find the closest watering hole serving Guinness and bangers and mash. Jones liked that idea and almost made the call at the 2 minute mark, but decided that spinning the legs at 113 rpms would be a better warming agent than pub fare. The brisk pace worked, and by the time Swan took the lead on Lamont Norwood, jerseys were unzipped, arm warmers rolled down, and the G-man was getting spit out the back. McCarter offered to throw Collester into his little red wagon and pull him through to the B-ride cut off, but Collester refused and vanished into the countryside.

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