40 at 20 #4 – Knee Highs and Thighs

Randy continues his multiloquent recaps of our weekly Wednesday night group ride, where the goal remains the same (ride 40 miles at an average pace of 20 miles per hour) but the cast of characters is always changing (eds. note: this ride took place on a Thursday, because everyone wimped out on a drizzly Wednesday):

Maybe it was the moon phase, or the extra day of rest, or just the sugar rush of a double chocolate glazed Dunkin donut, but when discussions of sprinting prowess and podium placement begin at 9am, you just know the evening’s ride is going to be special.

Under skies and temps the best we’ve seen all year, 9 fitter, happier, and more productive riders ebulliently mounted up for the first true 40@20.  Webster, the first to throw a jab that morning, was also the first to put a qualifier on his condition for the ride, claiming that some sort of parasitic invasion to his abdomen and a nautilus shaped rash on his inner thigh might lead to an early bail out.  Rogers was less ambiguous about his need to cut things short—his wife would slap the Irish accent out of his mouth if he wasn’t home by seven.  The lead out was spirited and the mood jovial as we double pace lined into majestic county rollers.  Gillis suggested we add River Road to the night’s route, and there were some grumblings in the peloton about this addition, as there are river beds that are smoother than this actual road.  It was immediately clear that the local community college uses River to teach asphalting during the summer session only, because there were pot holes large enough to swallow Jabba and enough grass growing in the cracks to host a badminton tourney.  We all looked like aircraft directors as we pointed out no less than 387 road hazards.  Unfortunately, Tony D missed one of the cues and was swallowed up in an asphalt crevasse, never to be seen again. Read more of this post


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