40 at 20 #5 – Short of Breath

OK, so maybe it’s not the Giro d’Italia or the Tour of California, but we humbly present #5 in our series of Wednesday night ride recaps, wherein an ever-changing band of riders from HQ aim for 40 miles at an average pace of 20 miles per hour (or more).  Commentary, as always, is provided by the ever-youthful Randy (who never misses a chance for a musical reference):

Like jellybeans of every imaginable color and flavor, 16 riders spilled out from the world of proofs, powerpoints, and production into the cool sanctuary of sanity that is the 40@20.  New to the mix were O’Reilly and Danz, both of whom looked eager to prove their mettle and their chops to the motley crue. Danz fired the start gun early–needing to get back in time for The Love Language and St. Vincent show–and was off the front into the strong NW winds before Tony D could even put his Huey Lewis and the News cassette tape into his stem-mounted Walkman.  The temperature was as brisk as the pace, and the variety of fashion accessories on our heads, arms and legs gave pause to commuters, who must have thought we were either a month late for Mardi Gras or eager participants in the new video collabo from Marc Jacobs and Sigur Ros.  Eichvalds, clearly hailing from the equatorial climes of Kiribati, was more bundled than Randy getting ready for school in A Christmas Story, and he could barely turn the pedals for the bulk of his goose down leg warmers and 12mm neoprene socks.

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