40 at 20 #6 – Sartorial Perks

It’s time once again for a recap of our weekly Wednesday night group ride, as recounted by Randy, our storytelling maestro.  As always, the goal for the ride is the same: ride the 40 mile circuit at an average pace of 20 miles per hour, with a few county line sprints thrown in for bragging rights.

With the sartorial swagger of the rat pack, and perhaps a little bit of the prissiness of Miss J, eleven perfectly perky pedalers rolled out under a soundtrack of mariachi and the vapor of tequila shots. Pace was surprisingly listless but welcomed, as several of the regulars had ridden 106 miles in the heat at the Raven Rock Ramble on Sunday and didn’t quite have the pep in the legs to bolt out of the gates at go-kart speed. Also thankful for the cruiser pace was O’Reilly, who despite getting blown out the back in less than a mile last week, was hanging in just off the back—not exactly working for the group, but taking credit for the coremetric optimization analytics sure to increase impression attribution and cross sell opportunity with the country kinfolk.

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