40 at 20 #4 – Knee Highs and Thighs

Randy continues his multiloquent recaps of our weekly Wednesday night group ride, where the goal remains the same (ride 40 miles at an average pace of 20 miles per hour) but the cast of characters is always changing (eds. note: this ride took place on a Thursday, because everyone wimped out on a drizzly Wednesday):

Maybe it was the moon phase, or the extra day of rest, or just the sugar rush of a double chocolate glazed Dunkin donut, but when discussions of sprinting prowess and podium placement begin at 9am, you just know the evening’s ride is going to be special.

Under skies and temps the best we’ve seen all year, 9 fitter, happier, and more productive riders ebulliently mounted up for the first true 40@20.  Webster, the first to throw a jab that morning, was also the first to put a qualifier on his condition for the ride, claiming that some sort of parasitic invasion to his abdomen and a nautilus shaped rash on his inner thigh might lead to an early bail out.  Rogers was less ambiguous about his need to cut things short—his wife would slap the Irish accent out of his mouth if he wasn’t home by seven.  The lead out was spirited and the mood jovial as we double pace lined into majestic county rollers.  Gillis suggested we add River Road to the night’s route, and there were some grumblings in the peloton about this addition, as there are river beds that are smoother than this actual road.  It was immediately clear that the local community college uses River to teach asphalting during the summer session only, because there were pot holes large enough to swallow Jabba and enough grass growing in the cracks to host a badminton tourney.  We all looked like aircraft directors as we pointed out no less than 387 road hazards.  Unfortunately, Tony D missed one of the cues and was swallowed up in an asphalt crevasse, never to be seen again. Read more of this post

Flashback Friday – 1985 Recycled

1985… Madonna becomes the second female artist to have the top single (“Like A Virgin”, if you had to ask) and top album at the same time, and she goes on to be the top-selling act of the year.  So in honor of the “Material Girl”, we present the latest edition of our Flashback Friday series, this time all about the materials (clothing material, that is) from our Spring 1985 catalog:

As you can see from the cover, bright and bold colors were the norm (as well as perfectly coordinated color-matching with your bike, apparently!)

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National Bike Month – May 2010

As you may have noticed already, May is indeed officially National Bike Month, organized by the good folks with the League of American Bicyclists.  Now I know what you’re saying; if you’re reading this blog, plus the guys (and gals) at the bike shop know you on a first name basis, you’re already riding your bike plenty, so what’s the big deal about a special bike month!  You ride at lunch (if you’re lucky like us here), you ride after or before work, and you definitely get out for a ride or race on the weekend.  Maybe you already ride to work or on trips to the store.

So what makes National Bike Month special?  It’s easy… you!

That’s right, this is your chance to get out there and get new folks involved in cycling and bike commuting.  Check out the National Bike Month events page to find special bike commuting or bike month activities in your area and invite a non-riding friend along.  Organize and volunteer to lead bike commuting to your office for Bike-to-Work Week May 17-21 or Bike-to-Work Day Friday May 21 (try out the “Bicycling” option in Google Maps for route planning or ask for route ideas at your local bike shop).  Here at Performance we make things interesting by fostering a little inter-departmental bike-commuting competition, which is settled with a complicated formula that factors in distance and team participation (and is almost always won by accounting, but they are good with numbers after all).

Need some more help?  Check out our Bike Month page for commuting tips you can share and handy factoids about the benefits of cycling.  Plus you should set goals for yourself as well.  Say that you’re going to ride to work 3 times a week for the month or not get in a car for trips under 2 miles, and then follow through!  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get into your new routine.

National Bike Month is about sharing your passion for cycling with others, and making a commitment to ride more, for your health and for the planet’s.  Just think, the more cyclists there are out there, the more awareness there will be for cycling issues and safety.  So get out there and ride, and bring a non-cycling friend along too.  Soon enough they’ll be addicted to riding too!  Hope to see you on the road (or the trails).

Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Dana Martin

Meet Elite Rider Dana Martin

Age: 38
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Morris, NY
Current: Atlanta, GA
Profession: Consultant

Dana discovered her passion for cycling in the sport of triathlon. After reaching her goal of qualifying in the National Triathlon Olympic distance for her age group, she then joined a regional women’s team – Peachtree Bikes – where she was able to gain experience in road racing. In 2008, she finished the Athens Twilight criterium as a Cat 3. Soon after, she upgraded to a Cat 2 and began finishing NRC races. She looks forward to building her abilities in national level racing with the women of SpokesWomen Syndicate as an elite member of the Performance Bicycle Racing Team in 2010.

Dana is already off to a strong start, placing second in the Rock Hill Bicycle Club Classic Overall (behind teammate Evie Boswell-Vilt) after winning the Road Race and taking 3rd place in the Sprints race.

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40 at 20 #3 – Tuck and Roll

Another ride recap of our weekly Wednesday night group ride from headquarters, as written by our very own Randy Jones (in case you forgot, the goal is always to ride the 40, sometimes 30, mile route with an average speed of 20 MPH):

While a pack of riders skinsuited up for the local time trial, a small group of Wednesday warriors headed out under overcast skies and chilly sub 60 temperatures. McCarter was the first to admit that if he wasn’t warm in ten minutes he’d call a SAG wagon for a pick up and find the closest watering hole serving Guinness and bangers and mash. Jones liked that idea and almost made the call at the 2 minute mark, but decided that spinning the legs at 113 rpms would be a better warming agent than pub fare. The brisk pace worked, and by the time Swan took the lead on Lamont Norwood, jerseys were unzipped, arm warmers rolled down, and the G-man was getting spit out the back. McCarter offered to throw Collester into his little red wagon and pull him through to the B-ride cut off, but Collester refused and vanished into the countryside.

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