Meet the Manager – Pittsburgh, PA

Our new retail stores are rolling right along, so for this week’s Employee Profile we are highlighting the manager of our newest store, Scott in Pittsburgh, PA.  The doors will open on our Pittsburgh location this Friday, June 4th, so swing by to say hi to Scott plus check out our easy-to-shop layout, featuring all the great brands and value that you expect from Performance.  Pittsburgh’s Grand Opening celebration will start the weekend of Friday, June 11th, with even more extra-special deals and events.

Pittsburgh, PA

Store Manager:

Scott Poland

Store Location:

6375 Penn Ave.
Village of East Side
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 661-0729 Read more of this post

Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Chris Tommerdahl

Meet Elite Rider Chris Tommerdahl

Age: 23
USCF: Category 2
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Current: Still in Chapel Hill, NC
Profession: Self-employed

Chris is a swimmer at heart, but began cycling in order to take up triathlon several years ago. After a few years of improvement on the bike, her swimming and cycling were finally strong enough to offset her running deficits so that she could turn pro. As practice for her draft-legal triathlons, she decided to give bike racing a try in 2009. After learning that it’s difficult to race individually against several teams and that you can’t expect to win if you pull the entire race, she was able to find enough good results to upgrade to a Cat 2. In the end, she decided that cycling races are a pretty fun way to get a brick workout in, so she’ll give it another try in 2010. Read more of this post

Spin Doctor Tech Tip – Assessing carbon fiber damage

Spin Doctor

You just had your first wreck on your new carbon fiber bike. . .  is the frame ruined?

Top tube of 2010 Scattante CFR Race

There are many questions about assessing damage to carbon fiber components and frames.  Simple answers are not always possible, however Brent Downs of Advanced Sports has a good approach to finding obvious problems:

1. Check any chips or blemishes.

If only the clear coat is damaged, it can be sealed with clear nail polish.

2. Thoroughly examine the damaged area.

Are fibers exposed or is the area soft to the touch? If the fibers are damaged, then the frame or component should be replaced.

3. Tap on the frame/component at the damaged area. Then tap on a similar non-damaged area.

If the two areas sound different, there likely is damage to the carbon fiber and replacement is probably necessary.

4. Finally, if you are in any way uncertain, have the manufacturer inspect the suspect part.

That last step is probably the most important.  If you have any doubts, it’s always best to check with the experts!


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