Scattante Stories Giveaway Winner

We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the Scattante Stories Giveaway!  We received an amazing array of stories of people enjoying their Scattante bikes, from the funny to the inspiring.  We were humbled that our bikes have made a difference for so many of you, and choosing just one winner was an agonizing decision.

But there could only be one winner in this contest, so we had to choose one of these great stories to win our grand prize.  So congratulations to our winner, Gil from California!

We’ll share Gil’s simple but touching story with you next week, along with a few of the other entries that were almost picked to be the winner.  Thanks again for sharing your Scattante Stories with us, and keep on riding and creating brand new stories!


Flashback Friday – Cover Model Lance

Way back in 1992, before the big comeback with Team Radioshack, before the 7 Tour de France titles, before the comeback from cancer, even before turning pro and winning the World Road Championships in 1993, Lance Armstrong was a Performance Bicycle cover model for our Summer catalog!

This catalog cover dates to a time way before Lance was a global icon and standard fare on many a magazine cover, although he was already a highly successful amateur bike racer in his own right.  As you may have guessed from the Skittles USA team jersey, this catalog came out during the lead up to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, where Lance would go on to finish 14th in the Road Race (the top American).  Performance was the official bike supplier of the US Cycling Team for the Summer Games, so we took the opportunity to give a young up-and-comer some exposure on our catalog cover, oddly enough modeling our Synapse mountain bike!

But this wasn’t the only time we put Lance on the cover in 1992, as we also used this group shot of Lance and 3 other riders from Team USA (cropped from what was actually a promotional photo for Descente clothing).  Can you name the other 3 riders in the photo (the answer is below the photo)?

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