Movember Wrap-Up

As we move rapidly into December, we want to stop and take a quick moment to say one last goodbye to Movember!  If you didn’t realize why so many men were sporting mustaches last month (and you didn’t check out our earlier post), Movember is a worldwide movement to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues during the month of November, with a focus on prostate cancer awareness and research.  Here’s part of our team of “Mo Bros”, clean-shaven at the start of the month:

And here they are in all of their follicular glory, at the end of Movember!

Will’s mustache was acclaimed to be the “most impressive” by our panel of entirely subjective judges:

But they all sported their ‘stache with pride, and showed off some impressive grooming skill (especially Jason’s General Burnside look on the left below):

We hope you had a successful Movember of your own, or at least supported someone who did!  Performance Bicycle made a donation to the fight against prostate cancer in support of our crew of Mo Bros.  In the end, that’s what Movember is all about–raising money for and awareness of men’s health issues that all-too-often are not talked about… although we have to admit that is was also worth it just for these pictures of our coworkers!

Alleycat Racers: Leave a comment with your name and race number and click the ‘Yehuda Moon’ image to go to the next checkpoint!

98 Responses to Movember Wrap-Up

  1. Andy says:

    thanks for helping host the alleycat! Andy, #6749

  2. Nico P says:

    nico.p, #9302

    Great to see bigger companies helping out!

  3. mrben says:

    Quality ‘taches #3089

  4. aaron 8363 says:


  5. Claire says:

    Claire #1186 No Shave Novbemer makes me cry on the inside when looking at all my male friends’ scraggly half-beards.

  6. Aaron says:

    ‘Stache for cash. 5827

  7. NewGirl! says:

    I love the idea and I hope it got people around talking. Perhaps I can create a felt mustache to join in next year!


  8. aaron 8363 says:


  9. Jean says:



  10. goathens says:

    thanks for sponsoring the alleycat
    goathens # 7561

  11. #1065 thanks

  12. Alan@EcoVelo says:


    Ahh, feelin’ a little “Performance” boost…

  13. jami says:

    I meant to crochet a balaclava with a mustache on it for the month, but never got around to it. I’ll have to do it for december!

  14. Brent Strange says:

    Thanks! no. 2277

  15. DK says:


    Hard to “race” at work…

  16. Thomas says:

    The people on reddit got pretty into Movember, you should see some of the pics there of facial hair. I could never do it myself, but hey more power to you! #7804

  17. Ian Prust says:

    Ian Prust

  18. John J Wilde says:

    Thanks for playing along, this is fun and challenging.
    Xtrajack #1455

  19. Xander says:


  20. DaveS says:

    #9336 – mooving on…

  21. Mister A says:

    8310 Mister A

  22. Mark Balawender says:


  23. Den says:

    Den #7685

    We did Movember here in out IT shop..lot’s of fun.

  24. Tom says:

    Nice stashes!


  25. Widsith says:

    #1330 was here.

  26. ALLEYCAT Update: — the bikes for the rest of us checkpoint is hidden in a comment; look for the checkpoint link there.

  27. samh says:

    Yay for mustaches! – #1656

  28. Iwakura says:

    Found another!!


  29. Debbie says:

    Debbie #4848

  30. All Ice says:

    Oh! Here we go, got a little bit lost there…

  31. Hunter says:

    Hunter #9782, Movember, never heard of it, glad to learn.

  32. Glenn Girtman says:

    Glenn Girtman , #6163
    Had my ‘stache for about 30 years. Color it black or cut it off would get folks talking.

  33. allium says:

    Haven’t shaved since 1987, so I guess I’m doing my part to promote men’s health awareness!

    allium – 8247

  34. Christopher says:

    Wow, i really feel like I am in the top echelon at this point. Probably won’t have the yellow jersey in the end, but i am having fun.


  35. Ryan says:

    Nice ‘stache but are you riding moustache handlebars?

    Ryan #1578

  36. Erik says:

    Erik 8049. Good choice in picking Movember for the alleycat. Makes me feel good to give the comment love to a charity. And, being a man I can appreciate men’s helath issues. Off to the next checkpoint!

  37. Archergal says:

    I love me a good ‘stache! And y’all have a good set of them there. Well done!


  38. kastigar says:

    kastigar, 8173
    Pretty soon I’m gonna remember this number as well as my birthday!

  39. erikJ says:


  40. Bikergram says:


  41. sinred says:

    #9125 sinred

  42. james lee says:

    god bless you, get your tongue out of my ear

  43. caroline says:

    caroline #3074

  44. dickdavid says:

    Richard Wezensky #4540

  45. Jay says:

    #4776 – nice one

  46. Patrick Kitto says:


  47. Bryan Lewis says:

    #5035 sprinkling fortunes…

    When you measure on a per-hour basis of exposure, bicycling is actually safer
    than being an auto passenger, even considering all the unsafe bicycling

    Mighk Wilson, bicycle planner for Orlando, Florida
    quoted in Adventure Cycling Feb 2010 p. 41

  48. cb says:

    Thanks for the checkpoint, and thanks for working for men’s health issues.

    Bikes and Mo’s, yo!

    CB, #2082

  49. ScottPost says:

    Nicely done! Great company support for Movember.
    Thanks for being a stop on the alleycat!

  50. Derrick says:

    Derrick S. #226

    I also took part in Movember and looked like a hipster riding my single speed hahaha

  51. locus says:

    locus # 2537

  52. Alex Clark says:

    I remember November, when I was still biking in the teens. At least it’s still above zero!
    Alex Clark

  53. Opus the Poet says:

    #899 Recumbents attack from below. And were those really 30 day ‘staches? I have seen more fuzz on a Woolly Worm.

  54. Blue Fish says:


  55. shanerh says:

    As a Movember participant I’m happy to read the post.
    shanerh #9708

  56. Amanda says:

    I love how Movember makes everyone look like a pirate!

    HoppyOkapi #3431

  57. welshcyclist says:

    Great blog, will be reading in future #6164

  58. Rudi Riet says:

    Didn’t participate in Movember, sadly. Next year….

    Rudi Riet, #2975

  59. Movember is the best.

    EPIC! Stratton #1904

  60. Sean says:

    Impressive staches! #4911 Sean

  61. Mr. Wakiki says:

    I hope to god, serious hope to god this posting of my email is going to forse me to be spammed to death


  62. Revolutionary mama is racer #1873

  63. Jason says:

    Nice stache! #3175

  64. Luke Wilson says:

    I participated in Movember

  65. AuntN says:

    Mustache, I will NOT be mocked by you!

  66. Kendall says:


    rock the mo!

  67. Gary #5039 says:

    Wow, this has gone to almost every bike site I frequent.

  68. SVC says:


  69. microzen says:


    I didn’t know this was the mustache ride.

  70. Ludgero says:

    Nice blog and cumprimentos from Portugal

    Ludgero #7678

  71. jatravartid says:


  72. jollytin says:

    jollytin #5353

  73. Brady says:

    Brady #823…. I’m at lactic threshold

  74. mathieu lapointe says:

    Tu étais vraiment beau, vraiment beau, avec ta moustache

  75. R::B says:

    I’d love to know how many are keepers.
    I have to confess that I can’t remember what my chin and top lip look like!

    Flaneur Brian #2966

  76. BykMor says:

    Ahhh Performance.
    Almost feel like I should change my race number to 901722507 (my old Performance #).

    BykMor, #5113

  77. Andrew says:

    Andrew #3481

  78. bendicoot says:

    Am I last?

    Ben #9356

  79. Michael says:

    michael, 8774

  80. Sschroeder says:

    #3731 – I’m all about performance, ask my wife.

  81. Kowenn says:

    We do “No Shave November” at my job.
    Kowenn #3784

  82. Ruth Turner says:

    Thanks again for hosting the checkpoint. And for your efforts against male cancers.

    You guys need to start a rock band with those darling facial hairdos!

    Ruth Turner #6691

  83. Chris Nygaard says:


  84. Jeffro says:

    Some are born to the ‘stache. Some have the ‘stache thrust upon them.

  85. Olev says:

    Nice mo’s! Thanks for being a checkpoint in the alleycat. #6386

  86. Cyclin’ Missy 7495

  87. conjob says:

    conjob, #5853

    alright. i hope this is over soon. it’s already 12:44pm in nepal, but i think i still have a few more hours to finish on american time!

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