Wordless Wednesday

7 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Sarah says:

    Oliver is looking a little chunky! I would like to test those tires please. :0)

  2. 26 x 2.3!? Someone is giving their rims a run for their money. Kitteh says: “I give these Forte Pigsah’s 4/5 stars. I docked a star for the non-cat nip infused rubber.”

  3. I love this picture!!!

  4. Drew says:

    tisk tisk tisk..When will the dogs ever learn?

  5. Barb` says:

    That Cat is ‘tire’d!

  6. cateyes says:

    Great picture. I love this cat very much. Thank for this post , keep moving forward
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  7. John Hodgin says:

    Handsome cat! Would buy a tire advertised by him any day!

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