Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Daniel Tepáyotl (posted on our Facebook wall)

5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. stuart says:

    help i have been beached.

  2. Definitely a newbie’s bike. Gator-aide bottle and hugely over-sized reflectors still attached. I bet if I could see it from another angle all the warning stickers are still there. :-)

  3. John Piotrowski says:

    in the voice of Edward R. Murrow (for you old farts like me)….”and as the sun sinks slowly in the west, we see…………..”

  4. Peter G says:

    I wonder if Irene blew it into the ocean! ;-)

  5. Jeff Patrick says:

    That’s the view from Bolsa Chica state at the north end of Huntington Beach, CA. You can see downtown Long Beach and Catalina Island in the background.

    Jeff Patrick
    Joint Health Author
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