Wordless Wednesday

23 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Seems a lot of trouble to go through to lube a chain!

  2. I can’t afford a repair stand …

  3. April Wyler says:

    perhaps they were hoping a soggy bike seat dries faster upside down?

  4. the “no bikes on sidewalk” policy WILL be enforced

  5. R Krause says:

    I want to confuse the potential thief?

  6. Jim Orr says:

    want to make sure I do NOT get any bird poo on my seat

  7. Scott Spierling says:

    With no cows in the area, juvenile pranksters had to resort to tipping bikes.

  8. Daniel says:

    No one can steal it if it’s upside down!!

  9. Helene says:

    Doesn’t know which end is up….?

  10. sherides100 says:

    Judging from the graffiti in the background, I’d say someone wasn’t smart enough to steal it and just left it upside down.

  11. Mike S says:

    Today we mow the lawn.

  12. Jason Hall says:

    I’m just trying to see the world differently on a bike.

  13. Sharon Ward says:

    Nothing ruins a good ride like the smell of dog pee on one’s tires.

  14. “I hope someone posts a picture of this on the internet”

  15. dave says:

    Bicycle locks should have directions.

  16. Gary Rivera says:

    Got stuck trying to escape.

  17. Gary Coulter says:

    Didn’t want to flat-spot the tires!

  18. don nisley says:

    No bicycles on sidewalks, no bicycles on grass, .must be is California.

  19. Khan Bui says:

    A sleeping vampire bike!

  20. fullcarbobbike says:

    Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads! (Bike with a Hover Kit, has to be locked down to keep from floating away)

  21. Doug Boivin says:

    Keep off the Grass!

  22. Easiest way to patch a flat tire.

  23. Andrew says:

    Looks like the bike was originally park on the near side of rack, which would have been in the pedestrian sidewalk. A pedestrian then flipped the bike over to the lawn side of the rack.

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