Wordless Wednesday

13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Brian Cary says:

    Haha total guess but i think china

  2. AC says:

    It’s the Ampelmännchen. You’ll find them in Germany.

  3. Ben Gorman says:

    I’m guessing Portland, OR: gray skies, overhead (tram) wires, and special attention to bike & pedestrian traffic.

  4. C2Cin 2006 says:

    Can easily be Copenhagen, Denmark. Plenty of bicycle traffic signals there!

  5. ron grayson says:

    Portland or Copenhagen

  6. MJA says:

    Agree with AC – Ost-Ampelmännchen.

  7. JT says:

    San Francisco, CA, USA. I believe it is directing the Curb Dogs to begin doing flatland BMX tricks such as bar/seat stands. Just kidding–though any old school bmxers might appreciate the retro-reference…

  8. thebus says:

    Street signs are not typical US signs so I say Berlin.

  9. Mike Neifert says:

    i’m going to guess amsterdam, holland. loads of bikes there.

  10. David S says:

    The Ampelmännchen answers are indeed correct. I took this photo on a recent trip that passed through Dresden, Germany. It was great seeing the robust bike infrastructure in most of the big cities over there.

  11. C2cin2006 says:

    Cycled in Dresden city center in 2008 and found transport infrastructure improvements post reunification coupled with pre-uni cycling culture carry over to be very impressive. Hope to return as part of a epic self contained solo tour!

  12. Ralf R. says:

    Yeah this an East German “Ampelmaennchen”, sade that there are tendencies in Germany to replace those with more “modern” signals. Very cute, I realy like it.

  13. Mike Butala says:


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