Wordless Wednesday

16 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Randy says:

    Since I’m a roadie, I’d have to call this the “Call the Paramedics Downhill”.

  2. Mike Dyer says:

    Da Bomb

  3. TJ says:

    you can call it “about to have a collision on the next corner with the guy riding UP the trail”

  4. Jason B. says:

    As a Registered Nurse I say “Job Security!”

  5. Helene says:

    …names will never hurt me!

  6. Donald Nisley says:

    Beginners >

  7. Jose Flores says:

    Log Loop

  8. olbiketech says:

    “Rocky Road with Whipped Scream”

  9. Jim VH says:

    Ouch! I’m a roadie too.

  10. Kip Nordby says:

    The Christmas classic “The Nutcracker Ballet”

  11. Randy "mtbkski" Rusnak says:

    Thumper… cause it looks like you’ll be bouncing around like a rabbit on that trail.

  12. Dave Brown says:

    So when does the downhills start?

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