Spin Doctor Old Tools Quiz

Spin DoctorOur head Spin Doctor, Gaynor, likes to create challenges to test the Spin Doctor mechanics in our stores. Last week he created this tricky “old tools” identification quiz, although perhaps “old” is the wrong word – let’s just call them “seldom-used”. In any case, we thought you might like to play along at home, so here are 8 images to test your obscure bike tool knowledge.

Post your answers (or guesses) in the comments below. We’ll even give you some hints to get started: Tool #2 is actually parts of a tool (think steering) and Tool #5 is not a 4th hand cable puller (think wheel). Good luck!

Tool #1:

Tool #2:

Tool #3:

Tool #4:

Tool #5:

Tool #6:

Tool #7:

Tool #8:

20 Responses to Spin Doctor Old Tools Quiz

  1. Steve says:

    Its a trick. These are all dental tools.

  2. fhfr436 says:

    #4 is a chain plier for quick breaking (lower position) and closing (upper position) of chains before hyperglide.
    #8 is a collection of crown race removal tools that straddled the crown of an inverted fork and engaged the edge of the headset crown race, then hit with a hammer on the center of the tool.

    • fhfr436 says:

      Sorry, that should be #7 is a collection of crown race removal tools that straddled the crown of an inverted fork and engaged the edge of the headset crown race, then hit with a hammer on the center of the tool. The small one on the right appears to be a Campagnolo.

  3. fhfr436 says:

    #6 is a VAR freewheel vise. The two mushroom-head pins on each arm (under the “R” and “3”) would be used to hold the valleys between adjacent teeth on the large sprocket. The underside (from what’s visible) would then be clamped into a bench vise to hold the sprocket securely. Then, the threaded smaller cogs could be loosened with a chain whip.

  4. Here’s my guesses….
    1: Spoke Trimmer
    2: some sort of headset
    3: Clueless
    4: Reminds me of linemans pliers
    5: Spoke Gripper
    6: Freewheel Vise
    7: Frame Alignment Table Prop
    8: Some sort of truing stand?

  5. fhfr436 says:

    Tool #1 is a VAR #17 spoke end cutter for trimming excess spoke length beyond the nipple after the wheel’s been assembled.
    #5 is a spoke-holding tool to prevent wind-up when turning the nipple.

    • fhfr436 says:

      … obviously made by “Twist-Resist” and apparently made from a modified 4th hand tool.

      • chickenlyngaas says:

        The tool is a “twist resist” I believe it is made by Hozan for limiting the tendency of light gauge spokes to wind up at higher tensions.

      • fhfr436 says:

        chickenlyngaas: It appears you’re correct except it was not made by Hozan, but an independent company.

  6. fhfr436 says:

    #3 is obviously some kind of straightener, but very small end-to-end, so not for a frame part. Perhaps a straightener for a steel crankarm?

  7. fhfr436 says:

    #2 are replacement blades for a VAR #370 Head Race Remover, for removing the headset cups pressed into the head tube, similar to current Park Tool RT-1, which does not have replaceable blades.

  8. fhfr436 says:

    #8 is obviously some kind of alignment gauge with a self-centering cone, but the black arm appears to be mounted on the wrong side of the post.

  9. 1 – Spoke end trimmer
    2 – Fork crown alignment thingy??
    3 – Chainring straightener
    4 – Chain pliers
    5 – Spoke pliers to keep spoke from twisting while truing wheel
    6 – Freewheel vise
    7 – Fork crown race pullers (actually whackers)
    8 – Measuring jig for use on an alignment table

  10. BicycleRogue says:

    I think some of the above answers may be right but I am thankful I don’t have to use any of those tools. They look heavy… if they’re necessary for maintenance, are they available in carbon fiber? :)

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  12. Jessica says:

    Steve was close – they’re actually torture devices from the medieval ages.

    1 – Tooth yoinker
    2 – Slip slapper
    3 – Finger squisher
    4 – Bigger tooth yoinker
    5 – Mouth spreader
    6 – Not familiar with this one… looks similar to a jimmy rustler but I can’t be sure
    7 – Neck/wrist shackles
    8 – Head bonker

  13. Bryce says:

    I have all these tools lol.

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