Wordless Wednesday

8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Mongoose Rx7 from the late 90’s (98 or 99 maybe).

  2. Andrew Tweedie says:

    That’s my grandmamas bike.

  3. John Lee says:

    Agreed, 1998

  4. OK so I was the PM who introduced the bike. It was 97 and dam good for its time. I can you tell the stem and seat post are definitely NOT original

    • David S says:

      Very cool Richard. Yes, Thom has clearly made some modifications to the original spec, but he still enjoys riding the bike.

    • David S says:

      Follow-up straight from Thom: “I got the frame and fork to build up. I used what I had in the shop including campy wheels (not original), Campy Ergo shifters (not original) and Easton contour Bars and stem with a Performance adapter (not original). What do you remember for components that would have been originally used??

      Best regards, Thom”

  5. Freddie Mercury says:

    Ranks up there with the Soft Ride…

  6. Tony says:

    Greetings fellow cyclists…..what’s the name of this frame.?????? I have soft ride tt, zipp2001 and 3001,pinarello tt…. I would like to add this frame to my stable…..please post data. Sincerely

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