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It’s that time of year again, when we here at Performance get to share some of the exciting new cycling gear that our product development team has been working on for months behind closed doors.  We’ve got some innovative designers and developers working here in our office, and they can’t wait to show you just a few of the amazing new products that you may see on our shelves in the coming months (we’re still working out the details on many of these products, so please let us know your comments or suggestions below) .

Banana Holder Cage

The simple banana, one of nature’s finest energy sources on-the-go.  Packed with protein, carbohydrates, sugar and Potassium, bananas are a perfect 100 calorie snack for that on-the-bike energy burst.

But who hasn’t tried to bring this yellow marvel on a ride, only to reach into your back pocket or hydration pack mid-ride to discover that this tasty treat is now a mushy mess!

Well fret no more, as we introduce our Banana Holder Cage.  Mounted to standard water bottle cage holes, our Banana Holder Cage will be the safest and easiest way to bring nature’s energy food on your ride!

Helium Tire Inflator

Looking for that extra edge on race day, or even the local club ride?  Then our brand new Helium Tire Inflator is just the thing for you.  Why use regular old air, or even CO2 inflators, to inflate your tires when you could be using the lightest gas around (well, that isn’t highly flammable).  Packaged in the same handy cartridges that you’ve become familiar with in CO2 inflators, our Helium Tire Inflator is literally lighter than air (but don’t worry, it ships with a specially made lead sleeve to keep it from floating away)!

You won’t just feel like you’re flying up that next climb, you really will be!

Fixie Adjustable Handlebar

This next development was thought up by one of our in-house fixed-gear aficionados, who wanted that extra-special touch for his personal whip.

Mounting directly to the top of the fork steerer tube, in place of a conventional stem, our compact Fixie Adjustable Handlebar is just the product for the urban rider who wants the convenience of an adjustable stem with the style of an ultra-narrow fixed-gear handlebar.

Your regular commute will definitely become a whole new experience with this setup!

Frictionless Magnetic Bottom Bracket

The concept behind this innovative component design was simple but profound; how could we improve the pedaling experience and exceed the performance of even the smoothest ceramic bearings.  Our answer was to do away with bearings all together and instead use a carefully aligned array of rare earth magnets in the wall of the bottom bracket.

Since the crank spindle is suspended perfectly and never touches any part of the bottom bracket shell, you won’t lose any of your hard-earned power to friction (of course now we’ll have to deal with the new UCI friction regulations, but we’re sure our engineers will find a way to comply)!

Of course these are just a few of the great ideas that our team is working on here at Performance, because we’re always hard at work on products for every cyclist.  Let us know what you think and vote for your favorite new product in the poll below.

Bike Snob NYC Collabo Sneak Preview!

With his new book coming out next month and having finally revealed his identity this week, we couldn’t think of a better time to reveal a recent project we’ve been working on in honor of Eben Weiss AKA The Bike Snob.  So without further ado, we present the…

Scattante Americano – BSNYC Edition

As you can see, we’ve taken the essence of the Bike Snob’s personal steed and boiled it down to a practical everyday bicycle.  It’s got trendy yet functional “wheelbrows”, flat handlebars, rear rack, and yes, even a front brake!  We also added subtle graphics to let everyone know that you have the custom BSNYC colorway:

All You Haters Buy My Bike!

Here at Performance, we lead the way in practical, well-priced bicycles and now with the style & panache of Mr. Weiss, we’re ready to break Fixed Gear Culture right back open!


Performance Product Development

Here at Performance we’re always working on ideas for new and innovative products that we can produce to provide a great value for our customers.  With that in mind, we decided to delve into the land of product development today, to show you a few of the ideas that our team is cooking up for you to enjoy in the future.

Edible Chamois Cream:

Why bother with the hassle of separate chamois cream and nutritional gel when you can get the benefits of both in one handy product?  That’s the thought that inspired our team to come up with this new formulation of our chamois cream, but with 100% natural and edible ingredients.  Formulated with the perfect blend of carbs, amino acids and protective oils, our tasty and effective edible chamois cream allows you to lubricate both your sensitive areas and your taste buds.  Just throw this one tube in your back pocket when you head out the door and you’ll be ready for anything the road or trail throws at you. Read more of this post


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