Community Events: 2013 South Florida Bike MS

Since we’re now open for business in Florida, with 4 new stores and 1 coming soon, we couldn’t wait to get on the ground and out in our new local communities. So what better way to celebrate than with one of our favorite activities, helping out with the dedicated riders of Bike MS.

Steve and Dave are set up and ready to tune-up some bikes.

Steve and Dave are set up and ready to tune-up some bikes.

Three Performance team members headed down to Miami to help out with the South Florida Bike MS in April. We were there to work, doing everything from handing out nutrition to performing quick bike tune-ups – before, during and after the 50, 80 or 100 mile rides.

Dave and Christopher tune up bikes.

Dave and Christopher tune up bikes.

As you would expect in Florida, the weather was sunny and beautiful on ride weekend! More than 1400 riders turned out for the 2-day event and everyone had a very good time. We worked on everything from dry and noisy chains to punctured tires and tubes (and even one punctured rim).

Three handups ready to happen.

Three handups ready to happen.

On the second day we had the first aid station. While there’s not usually too much mechanic work that needs to happen only 7 miles into the ride, we did have a few boxes of GU Energy Gels to hand out so we stood next to the course on a straight open section of road and handed out over 100 peanut butter GU gels on the fly. No need to stop for this aid station, we’ll hook you up as you ride by!

Steve distributes powerbars on the move.

Steve distributes powerbars on the move (click for the animated version).

Here Steve shows us the fastest way to empty a box of PowerBar Performance bars – open them up near hungry Bike MS riders first thing in the morning! All in all, the ride was a big success with no serious injuries and loads of smiles. We had a great time helping out and ended up manning 5 aid stations over the course of the two day event. We can’t wait to help out again next year!

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Photo by John Bigelow

Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride 2010

Most of us who work at Performance Bicycle take an enormous amount of pleasure from the simple act of riding a bike. Having the physical ability to get out and ride is something we don’t take for granted. For those living with Multiple Sclerosis it can be difficult or impossible to go for a bike ride, so at the Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride 2010 we’ll be riding for them.

For the past eight years, Performance Bicycle has supported the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by providing mechanical support and special discounts for cyclists participating in our local Bike MS fundraising events. Again this year, we’ve organized a team of cyclists who are raising funds and riding under the Performance Velo Club name at one of the fastest growing MS rides in the country, the Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride 2010, on September 11th and 12th.

Performance Velo Club team from 2009 Bike MS ride

Even if you don’t have a loved one who has been diagnosed with MS, chances are that someone you know has been affected in some way by this disease. Talk to some of the people around you, and you’ll probably encounter at least one person who has a close friend or family member living with MS. By making a donation, or supporting someone riding in a local Bike MS ride, you can make a difference in these lives. Your donations go toward programs, services, and advocacy for the people living with MS in your local community and also help  support national research to find the cause and cure of MS.  We believe this will be money well spent.  If you wish to support the Performance Velo Club team’s fund-raising efforts, you can find our team page here.

Gaynor and Josh ready to help at 2009 New Bern ride

But Performance won’t just be there as a team riding in the event, we’ll also be there to support all of the riders with technical support at rest stops on Saturday & Sunday.  In addition, we’ll also be at the New Bern Convention Center (for the weekend’s kickoff expo) on Friday, from 3-6pm, distributing water bottles, nutrition samples and providing safety checks before the big ride.

So if you’re headed to New Bern, NC for the ride, please stop to say hello to our tech support crew or any of the Performance Velo Club team members, as they’d love to meet you.  Our team will be wearing these stylish new jerseys this year, so they’ll definitely stand out in the pack:

As for those of you who aren’t from our area here in North Carolina, check out the Bike MS website to find a ride near you.  A Bike MS ride is a great way to challenge yourself, have a great time, and, most importantly, raise money to help create a world free of MS.



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