Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Bergen Watterson

Meet Elite Rider Bergen Watterson

Age: 30
USCF: Category 2
Hometown: California is where my cycling started
Current: Chapel Hill, NC
Profession: Graduate Student at UNC in Planning

Bergen comes to Chapel Hill, NC from the crucible of Northern California Cycling.  She cut her teeth with Roaring Mouse, making a quick name for herself with her speedy ascent to a cat 2 level amidst some of the Nations best amateur riders. She comes to Performance Bicycle Racing with a new focus and new roads to explore.

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Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Chris Tommerdahl

Meet Elite Rider Chris Tommerdahl

Age: 23
USCF: Category 2
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Current: Still in Chapel Hill, NC
Profession: Self-employed

Chris is a swimmer at heart, but began cycling in order to take up triathlon several years ago. After a few years of improvement on the bike, her swimming and cycling were finally strong enough to offset her running deficits so that she could turn pro. As practice for her draft-legal triathlons, she decided to give bike racing a try in 2009. After learning that it’s difficult to race individually against several teams and that you can’t expect to win if you pull the entire race, she was able to find enough good results to upgrade to a Cat 2. In the end, she decided that cycling races are a pretty fun way to get a brick workout in, so she’ll give it another try in 2010. Read more of this post

Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Gina Voci

Meet Elite Rider Gina Voci

Age: 35
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Current: Atlanta, Ga
Profession: Emergency Medicine Physician

Gina’s successful cycling career started after after a friend dragged her to a mountain bike race.  White-knuckled and determined, she rode away with the win and a new passion for racing.  Eight years later, she’s racked up results in some of the hardest races in North America.  She’s tough. Beside just shaking off the normal race catastrophes, she once chased down and stopped a car trying to steal another team’s bikes — and that was after a race.  When she’s not racing, she’s an ER doc and enjoys the finer things in life:  ATL Hip Hop and finding bargains at boutiques.

Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Kate Mahoney

Age: 29
USCF: Category 2
Hometown: Colby, WI
Current: Roswell, GA
Profession: Human Resources Consultant

2009 was Kate’s first full season of racing. Starting the year as a Cat 4 beginner, Kate successfully raced her way to a Category 2 upgrade. Having competed in volleyball and track and field at the collegiate level (while at the same time balancing an addiction to rock climbing), Kate has found racing to be a fantastic outlet for her competitive spirit. With this inaugural season under her belt, Kate is excited to be joining the Performance Biycle Racing Team & SpokesWomen Syndicate for the 2010 season and to take her cycling to a new level of performance.

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Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Nicole Vincent Jordan

Meet Elite Rider Nicole Vincent Jordan

Age: 27
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Little 500 cycling track
Current: Chapel Hill, NC
Profession: PhD Pharmacology 2012

USA Cycling Certified Coach—Level III Coaching
University Collegiate Cycling and Little 500 Athletes

2005-Present; Women’s Collegiate Cycling Coach – Indiana

Nicole has one of the brightest smiles in the peloton.  As a collegiate cyclist, she was twice National Champion on the track.  Currently she is pursing her PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Pharmacy.

Recently upgrading to a category 1 cyclist, Nicole brings fast legs and great finishing smiles to Performance Bicycle Racing’s elite squad.  Look for her in the results of upcoming races- particularly Dilworth, Wilmington Grand Prix, Kelly Cup, Fitchburg, and French Broad Cycling Classic.

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Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Dana Martin

Meet Elite Rider Dana Martin

Age: 38
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Morris, NY
Current: Atlanta, GA
Profession: Consultant

Dana discovered her passion for cycling in the sport of triathlon. After reaching her goal of qualifying in the National Triathlon Olympic distance for her age group, she then joined a regional women’s team – Peachtree Bikes – where she was able to gain experience in road racing. In 2008, she finished the Athens Twilight criterium as a Cat 3. Soon after, she upgraded to a Cat 2 and began finishing NRC races. She looks forward to building her abilities in national level racing with the women of SpokesWomen Syndicate as an elite member of the Performance Bicycle Racing Team in 2010.

Dana is already off to a strong start, placing second in the Rock Hill Bicycle Club Classic Overall (behind teammate Evie Boswell-Vilt) after winning the Road Race and taking 3rd place in the Sprints race.

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Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Kirsten Davis

Meet Elite Rider Kirsten Davis

USCF Category: 1
Hometown: Cross Plains, WI
Current: Tucker, GA
Profession: Statistician
Coach: J.R. Smith

Kirsten is a cyclist who is dedicated to the sport. She has showcased her abilities in events all over the country, consistently placing in the top 20 of the toughest NRC, elite women’s races. She is a strong advocate of the sport, having founded two women’s cycling clubs. Her goals for 2010 are to be a contributing member of Performance Bicycle Racing: a cohesive team with national-level racing. Currently she is ranked 28th overall in the USCF and 4th for women age 40-49 in the USCF.

Her Performance Bicycle Racing season opener was a WIN at the Tour de Tuscaloosa road race in March! Look for her in the following 2010 races: Speed Week (Athen’s Twilight, Roswell… Dilworth), Kelly Cup, Fitchburg, French Broad Cycling Classic, and Atlanta 10K.

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Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Cara Applegate

Meet Elite Rider Cara Applegate

Age: 32
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Current: Asheville, NC
Profession: Accountant

Cara has been for cycling for over 13 years. Her husband is a coach with Carmichael Training Systems, and an elite rider. Together they have 3 National Champions wins in the tandem division. Cara has claimed numerous first place titles in Road, Cyclocross, Time Trialing and Mountain Biking.

How long have you been racing?

2010 marks my 14th season of competitive racing.

Who or what inspired you to start racing?

I had a void to fill after my competitive swimming season ended, and cycling was an easier sport to adapt to as a bulky swimmer than running. Ultimately what keeps my coming back is the thrill of competition and a desire to maintain lifetime fitness. Read more of this post

Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Evie Boswell-Vilt

Meet Elite Rider Evie Boswell-Vilt

Age: 33
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Coal City, IL
Current: Chapel Hill, NC
Profession: Research Associate

After 14 months of bicycle racing, Evie was ranked #1 in the US for Masters road racing, age 30+ in 2009. Her athletic prowess started when she attended college on a full scholarship for cross country running; she has been acquiring athletic accomplishments ever since.

Evie has already started her 2010 season strong, with a win at the Rock Hill Omnium last weekend!  It was a big early season race with hefty competition and Evie was 2nd in the Street Sprints, Queen of the Mountains in the Road Race and 2nd in the Criterium, giving  her the Omnium crown.

Overall Podium at Rock Hill

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