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Since we’re talking about what we’re looking forward to in 2011, what list would be complete without a little talk about new bike gear!  Here at Peformance Bicycle we are always working hard to give you the best possible value and performance from our exclusive brands, like our fantastic USB-rechargable Spark lights or our award-winning Performance Elite bib shorts.   For 2011, we’re really proud to bring you a brand new lineup of exclusive bike brands.  we’ve got new bikes coming soon that will meet any riders’ needs–from the hardcore mountain bike racer to the urban commuter, from the first-time rider to the elite racer, .  We’re just going to give you a sneak peek of the new lineup right now, but don’t worry, we’ll have more in-depth specs and videos in the next few weeks.

The biggest update to our exclusive bikes is with our Access brand of mountain bikes.  As you can see below (from photos we shot during our employee-exclusive bike preview), we’ve really expanded our Access lineup.

Front and center in the new lineup are the race-ready Access Stealth carbon 29er hardtail mountain bikes.  Yes, we said carbon 29er.  We’ve been testing and refining this new bike for some time now, and we can’t wait to show off its performance (and hot graphics).

But we haven’t neglected our aluminum-framed 29er options, as you can see with the Access Prowler series, with solid component specs and sharp-looking color schemes.

Also new is the Access Raptor series of 26″-wheeled hardtails, available, like all of our bikes, with a range of components to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

Of course we didn’t forget to upgrade our road bike lineup either, with new graphics and components throughout our Scattante brand bikes.

And our popular Scattante Americano single-speed lineup is back with more component style:

And cool custom graphic details:

Plus we don’t want you to miss our updated Transit line of commuter bikes, with their practical specs and understated style.

So, like we said earlier, we’re really looking forward to 2011!  We’ve worked hard to bring you exclusive bike brands that have something for everyone and every need, and we can’t wait to show them off!

9 thoughts on “2011 Bikes

  1. I was looking at the 2011 Scattante Pro in the picture and noticed something odd. Why is it that the middle-of-the-road Team model uses the top-shelf K-Force cranks while the Pro only uses SL-K? Or is this only a preliminary setup?

    I know that calling the Team model with Dura Ace “middle-of-the-road” may be wrong, but that’s how it’s positioned in the photo.


    1. Adam,

      Great eye! The specs on these bicycles are not final. They are there you give an idea of what is to come but as with the crank swap, there are a couple of issues to still work out before they hit the floor at your local Performance store.

      1. Thanks! Why don’t you put my name on one of those Pro models? Size 55-58 can fit me. I bought one last July just to find out after 2 weeks of waiting that they were sold out! 🙁


  2. Just wondering what is the which saddle are you putting on the Race, Team, and Pro. Couldn’t find it available on your website?

  3. The 2011 lone up of road bikes looks great! I’m due for a new bike this year. I was wondering if any of the Scattante road bikes will be offered with SRAM Apex?

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