13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. San Francisco, CA, USA. I believe it is directing the Curb Dogs to begin doing flatland BMX tricks such as bar/seat stands. Just kidding–though any old school bmxers might appreciate the retro-reference…

  2. The Ampelmännchen answers are indeed correct. I took this photo on a recent trip that passed through Dresden, Germany. It was great seeing the robust bike infrastructure in most of the big cities over there.

  3. Cycled in Dresden city center in 2008 and found transport infrastructure improvements post reunification coupled with pre-uni cycling culture carry over to be very impressive. Hope to return as part of a epic self contained solo tour!

  4. Yeah this an East German “Ampelmaennchen”, sade that there are tendencies in Germany to replace those with more “modern” signals. Very cute, I realy like it.

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