7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. without a doubt, Seattle to Portland (STP). This 200-mile bicycle ride is the largest multi-day bicycle event in the Northwest, with up to 10,000 participants riding from Seattle to Portland in one or two days. The route takes you through the scenic valleys, forests, and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon. Come ride what Bicycling Magazine has listed as one of the best cycling events in the nation! – See more at http://www.cascade.org/node/6801

  2. it was my first Tuesday night group ride with my riding group, we rode their usual route through New Rumley Ohio and the birthplace of General George S. Custer where there is a really nice monument and memorial that I never knew was there. We ended up riding almost 50 miles that night and had to race home to beat the darkness but it was worth every pedal stroke. Can’t wait till next summer. If you ride with a regular group, give thanks this Thanksgiving for having such a great network of friends to spend a few hours with even if it’s only just a couple of days a week.I know I will. God Bless all who ride.

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