2019 SE Bikes: A New Year of Radness


One of the benefits of working in the bike industry is getting a firsthand sneak peek at all the awesome new rides flowing in for the new year – and man, let me tell you: the new 2019 SE Bikes are something to behold. From Marshawn Lynch’s new Beastmode Ripper (with a killer Oakland Raiders paint scheme), to the “it’s about time he got his own signature bike” Dblocks Big Ripper, or the homage to California’s Dogtown skate brand, this new batch of SE Bikes are ready to ring in the New Year with a whole lot of radness.

Here are some of the highlights:


Dogtown Big Ripper

I’m a child of the 70’s who grew up in Southern California, so I was thrilled to see SE Bikes team up with this iconic skate brand. The new Dogtown Big Ripper features some of the most legendary logos of the era. The yellow paint job really pops and the bike features Dogtown edition Flyer Seat, Padset, and Number Plate. You don’t have to know Dogtown to appreciate this bike – but it helps.

While some of the new 2019 SE Bikes are not available just yet, the Dogtown is.

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Beastmode Ripper 27.5″ +

Damn! This really is a beast of a bike and definitely earns its moniker. Marshawn Lynch’s new 27.5+ BEASTMODE Ripper pays tribute to his home town of Oakland, CA and, in addition to the new paint scheme, features a few new upgrades, including a front disc brake to stop this crazy beast and a new number plate with Marshawn’s football jersey number, no. 24. Plus, the BEASTMODE also includes these sweet stickers and a Marshawn Lynch trading card:


Dblocks Big Ripper


It’s about time this guy got his own signature model. Dblocks has been the undisputed king of the streets for years now and it’s great to see a signature Dblocks model others can ride. Dblocks put his own unique spin on this Big Ripper, with a Harlem camo paint scheme, Freedom ThickSlick tires, Power Wing cruiser bars, “Raise it Up” Flyer seat and “Keep That Wheel Up” grip donuts. And of course, it would not be complete without a Dblocks customized camo plate and Cycle Squad Maniacs padset.

Fast Ripper

Take the awesomeness of an SE Big Ripper, make a few modifications and you now have the 2019 Fast Ripper. The Fast Ripper features 10 speeds with a quick-shifting SRAM GX 1x drivetrain and a front disc brake for that hardcore stopping power. Also, all cables are internal for a super clean look. Add to that some Freedom ThickSlick 29″ tires, and this ride is ready to get fast and furious.


So Cal Flyer


The 2019 So Cal Flyer is looking sharp this season with some killer new paint schemes. They added the new “Big Honkinish” cruiser bars, a super grippy Flyer seat, set of Vee Cub tires and new SE Bikes Life grips and donuts. Plus, these rides now come equipped with wheelie pegs for all you wheelie worms out there.

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OM Flyer 26


A staple in BMX for nearly as long as the sport has been in existence, the 26″ OM Flyer was originally designed by and named after SE’s founder, Scot “Old Man” Breithaupt.

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OM-Duro 27.5″ +


This wildly unique bike comes in standard and XL sizes and features big 27.5 x 3.0″ tires, a SRAM GX 1×10 drivetrain, Avid BB5 disc brakes front and rear, a new external bottom bracket, and internal cable routing for a dropper seatpost. BMX meets mountain bike; there are no boundaries.

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SE Big Ripper 29


The 29″ Big Ripper has been a staple in the SE line for over 10 years now. It’s built around a monster-sized PK Ripper style frame and features a stunning shiny red & chrome colorway.

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Blocks Flyer 26


Got blocks!? The 26″ Blocks Flyer is the bike to have if you want to raise it up with the crew and catch some blocks. Available in three hyped colorways and upgraded this year with a sealed bearing rear hub, this bike is all about that #SEBIKESLIFE movement.

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SE Fat Ripper 26




The Fat Ripper is the world’s first and only legit 26″ fat BMX bike. It’s built around 26″ x 3.5″ Vee Speedster tires and a legendary PK Ripper-styled 6066 aluminum frame. New this year is an outboard bearing sealed bottom bracket and the addition of Avid BB5 front disc brakes. There really is no stopping this bike. It’s ready to monster truck over everything!

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Is your head spinning yet? Mine too. It’s clear that SE’s been very busy prepping for 2019, and based on what we’re seeing, it’s going to be a good year. And that’s just scratching the surface. If you want to find out ways to personalize your new ride, check out our article on SE Bike accessories. And for everything currently in stock, or on the way, just head over to our SE brand page.

If you own an SE Bike or plan on getting one, let us know what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

& be sure to check out the SE Bikes website as well – there’s always something crazy going on over there.








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