3 Reasons We Love The New CHCB


When we first introduced our line of CHCB clothing last year, we were pretty excited about it. While we personally would prefer to wear a well-fitting lycra kit at all times, regardless of where we are, even we will admit that this is not socially practical. CHCB provided the perfect clothing for us to be able to ride to work, to the bar to meet up with friends or to brunch without sacrificing comfort or feeling like we needed to change clothes once we got there.

For 2016, things have been updated a bit, and we think it’s all for the better. Check out what’s new with CHCB.

1.New Designs

The CHCB line has been expanded for 2016 to include new tops and bottoms with different styles that make it easy to feel like you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. We especially like the new James button down and Chatham polo options that make it easy to hop off the bike and roll right into work without needing to change.

As usual, the shorts are designed to work with either your regular wardrobe for casual around town riding, or with cycling shorts underneath for those longer rides when comfort is key.

The James button down is one of our favorite additions to the 2016 CHCB line

2. Updated Materials

As much as we loved the wool in the original CHCB clothing, we’re kind of pleased to see more performance-oriented materials in the updated version. With the pretty much year round humidity in North Carolina, we found the wool to be a little too much during summer (April-October). The new CHCB tops use a polyester-based performance material similar to our jerseys, for improved moisture transfer and a bit more breathability.

For 2016, CHCB has moved to more breathable, moisture-wicking materials

3. More Women’s Selection

The CHCB women’s selection has been expanded for 2016. New additions include the CIVII skort, the new Stepphie polo-style top and Morgan pocket tee. These have been redesigned from the ground up to offer more performance and comfort on the bike, while looking like great “non-bike clothes” off the bike.

2016 sees an expanded women’s assortment for CHCB

CHCB is now available online and at Performance Bicycle retail stores nationwide.

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