40@20 #13 – 5-7-5

It’s been a while since our man Randy has written about the weekly Wednesday night group ride from here at HQ, so this time he broke out his poetry skills to distill the events of the ride down to their essence:

Riders eleven / Humidity heavy like bull / Kicked off like a sheet

Double pace line form / Car back, car back, car back fools / It means single up

McCarter unstrung / Reeled in fighting for the line / Where did he come from?

Manager from rear / Strength took sprint with more to prove / Left wingman, Mav

Lithe UNC Soph / Hirsute trunks spin slower now / Off the back you learn

Gillis regrets pull / Harm done only to one’s pride / Strong, but not that strong

Salesman banter fluff / Rehabilitated con / Crawford, where you at?

Rogers is confused / Bikes move on the vertical / Not counterclockwise

Webster to Jonesy / Conspiracies to punish / Step off this wack mess!

Solo attack wow / Watch Tachycardia chase / Neal just exploded

Here we go again / Punch drunk pugilist lays hurt / Rogers and Eich hold

Overby spit out / Jones and Webster huff / Chasers chase the chase

Damascus regroup / Rogers, Jones lead the descent / Gillis jumps the hill first

McCarter blows by / Jones an octopus arm’s length / Suction cups employed

Gillis yields to Eich / Ahead distance grows shorter / Alas a vain chase

McCarter feels heat / Jones in afterburner wash / Glory to the chops

Soft pedal homeward / Rehydration Manther style / What beer you drinkin?


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