Bike Snob NYC Collabo Sneak Preview!

With his new book coming out next month and having finally revealed his identity this week, we couldn’t think of a better time to reveal a recent project we’ve been working on in honor of Eben Weiss AKA The Bike Snob.  So without further ado, we present the…

Scattante Americano – BSNYC Edition

As you can see, we’ve taken the essence of the Bike Snob’s personal steed and boiled it down to a practical everyday bicycle.  It’s got trendy yet functional “wheelbrows”, flat handlebars, rear rack, and yes, even a front brake!  We also added subtle graphics to let everyone know that you have the custom BSNYC colorway:

All You Haters Buy My Bike!

Here at Performance, we lead the way in practical, well-priced bicycles and now with the style & panache of Mr. Weiss, we’re ready to break Fixed Gear Culture right back open!


18 thoughts on “Bike Snob NYC Collabo Sneak Preview!

  1. It’s a pity that this is probably an April Fool’s joke. Because I might actually buy a BSNYC branded ironic Scattante.

  2. OK Performance, you realize that you would actually make a killing on these, right? make the joke real already!

  3. Pretty nice bike! All the essentials!
    I’d just…
    Seat and handlebars at the same height.
    Install the rear rack flat (sloped rack installs are
    so newbie!!).
    Rear brakes are nice, too.
    Try it with just the pedals, no toe-clips.

    The Performance Americanos come with 46/16
    gearing. I tried that. Have you? It’s killer
    on a gradual slope, or into a headwind. How
    about 44/16.

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