Biketober – 31 Bike Deals in 31 Days

Here at Performance Bicycle, we want to make next month Biketober, so we’re going to offer 31 amazing bike deals in 31 days. The one catch? We’re only going to reveal 1 deal a day. Each morning at 10am ET, we’ll give out a coupon code on our Twitter page, good for one specific bike on that day only.

These are extra-special prices on great bikes, so you can’t add any other offers to these deals (basically, this is the best price you can get on these bikes). We may not have every size in stock, so be sure to check our Twitter feed early to see if that day’s deal is perfect for you!

Check back October 1 for the first bike deal:

It’s going to be awesome.

4 thoughts on “Biketober – 31 Bike Deals in 31 Days

  1. I am a Performance Buyer’s Club member, I am also a female road rider. Today, I received your “Biketober” mailing for a sale on new clothing, lights, trainers etc. Do you realize that in the entire mailing and sale offerings there NO women’s selections ? No women’s cycling apparel, jerseys, shoes, or accessories. I was speechless upon opening the flyer. It is a shame and pretty much a disgrace that you ignore the female cycling population by way of advertisement, sales and product offerings. It really makes me reconsider my choice to join your Buyer’s Club and will no doubt influence my choice of cycling stores.

    I hope this comment gets to someone who cares, because it really is your company’s loss by disregarding female cyclists.

    1. We take the women’s cycling market very seriously and are constantly trying to improve what we offer the female cyclist. For example, we feature a dedicated women’s store on our website, and try to always include women’s specific product in our mailings and advertising. In our Biketober mailing, we do offer women’s long sleeve jerseys, tights, gloves, shoes, saddles and bikes–but these are usually only designated with a “W” next to the item number.

      So I will definitely pass on your comments to our designers to let them know that we need to improve the way we talk about and show these items (& offer other specific women’s products)–we want to be your cycling store of choice, and hopefully you’ll find that we do have a lot to offer. Thanks.

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