Biketober Bike Deal Blowout

We hope you’ve had a chance to check out our daily Biketober Bike Deal on our Twitter feed every day this month, because we’ve had some pretty sweet deals.  But don’t worry if you haven’t, as we’ve got you covered!  We want to send Biketober out with a bang, so we’re offering all 31 Biketober Bike Deals this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

So how do you find out what the Biketober Bike Deals are?  You can either check search our Twitter feed, or just head on over to the handy Biketober Bike Deals page on  There you’ll find all 31 Biketober Bike Deals, along with the special coupon code you’ll need to get the amazing deal price (sorry, no other discounts apply with these blowout prices).  These bikes may not be available in every size, but you may just find exactly what you’re looking for, at a price that can’t be beat!

Just to show you a small sample of the array of options available, check out the last 3 Biketober Bike Deals:

2010 Breezer Greenway 3.0 Comfort Bike

MSRP: $869.99  Deal Price: $499.99


2010 Diamondback Response Mountain Bike

MSRP: $409.99  Deal Price: $279.99


2010 Kestrel Talon SL Road Bike

MSRP: $3349.99  Deal Price: $1999.99


We hope you find the Biketober Bike Deal that’s right for you (but remember to use the special coupon code that’s specific to each bike)!

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