Build Your Own Bike Workshop: Easy Mode

With their brilliantly designed components all thoughtfully placed in optimal positions, bicycles are nearly perfect machines. Nearly. As with all machines that have moving parts, sometimes the parts need to be maintained, fixed, replaced, or upgraded.

If you’ve just started out riding, it’s possible that you’ve already had to clean or replace something on your bike – even if it was just a tire. If you’ve been riding for awhile, you’ve probably attempted to fix, tighten, or replace a bike part or two. Either way, if this is a sport you’ve decided to be a part of, you should expect to eventually work on your bike.

If you bought your bike with Performance, you have the luxury of receiving several common adjustments for free for the lifetime of your bike, however, beyond those things we’d say you have 2 options when it comes to working on your bike:

  1. You take it to your local bike shop, we would suggest a Performance Store, and pay for it to be worked on
  2. You create your own workshop at home and with practice become a home bike mechanic

Whether you’re trying to build a bike from the ground up or find a space to just change out your wheels and clean your drivetrain, we have the tools to get you there. Creating a bike workshop is the first step in becoming a home mechanic. As a home mechanic, not only will you save time and money at the bike shop, but you’ll also become more in-tune with your bike(s).

We’re excited to help you set up your own workshop. To get started, we’ve created 3 different bike shop concepts to fit the needs of any home mechanic; an Essentials Workshop, a Hobby Workshop, and the Ultimate Workshop.

What every Workshop needs

  • Space to work (about 6’x6′)
  • Work Surface (About 2’x5′)
  • Place to sit level with the bike
  • A Workstand
  • Floor Pump

Essentials Workshop

When you want to gain a basic knowledge of working on your bike, an Essentials Workshop is the way to go. From commonly used tools to simple How-To videos, we have everything needed to get you started and keep you going.


How-To Instructions

How To Change A Bike Tube (article) (video)

How To Change An MTB Tire (article) (video)

How To Change A Road Tire (article) (video)

How To Clean Your Bicycle Chain (article and video)

How To Apply Chain Lube (article and video)

How To Clean A Bike (article)

Tools Needed

Hobby Workshop

Tinkering with your bike is something you’ve found that your good at and that you enjoy. You’re not just in your workshop to repair or replace things anymore. In fact, you’ve found yourself tuning your bike on your day off as a way to relax. When you’re ready to level up your home mechanic game, upgrading to a Hobby Workshop is the way to go, and we have all the tools and videos you’ll need along the way.


How-To Instructions

How To Remove And Install Mountain Bike Shifters And Brake Levers (article and video)

How To Replace A Bike Chain (article and video)

How To Remove And Install A Bike Cassette (article) (video)

How To Install A Bicycle Saddle (article) (video)

Tools Needed

Ultimate Workshop

Your bike shop skills are impressive, and you may have even worked in a bike shop at some point in your life. You know how to identify and fix a weird noise coming from your bike, build a bike from bottom up, and how to piece together unconventional parts. You’re ready to create the Ultimate Workshop for your bike and we’re ready to help with tools, how-to videos, and more.


How-To Instructions

How To Size And Cut Carbon Steerer Tubes (article) (video)

How To Remove And Install Road Bike Shifters And Brake Levers (article and video)

How To Remove And Install A Rear Derailleur (article and video)

How To Remove And Install A Front Derailleur (article and video)

Tools Needed

How to Set it Up

To be an efficient home mechanic, there’s a special way to set up your tools. Place the tools you’ll use most often in the bottom center of your peg board. As you go out from the center, you’ll arrange tools in order of how often they are used.

Other Information Sources to Help You Out

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