Burn 24 Buildup

Another year has gone by and another Burn 24 Hour Challenge is upon us.  What’s a Burn 24, you ask?  Only a super fun and well-organized 24 hour mountain bike race held on the Dark Mountain trails in Wilkesboro, NC (only 2 hours from our headquarters), presented by the good folks at Bikerumor. The goal of Burn 24 is simple (as with any 24 hour mountain bike race): ride more laps than anyone else in 24 hours!  Sounds so simple, right?

We at the Performance Social Media team are going to be in attendance once again this year, as we line up to torture test our new Access 29er carbon hardtail frame (set to be released next year).  The testing phase for these frames is intense and one of the main ways we like to stress test them is by racing them!

In addition to documenting the race experience, we will also be working on a video post highlighting some great pre-race food you can cook up using only what you can bring to a race.  Look for this video sometime in the next week or two (once we get it edited down to a bite-size length).

In 2009, David and Chris raced Burn 24 as a two person team, pulling down 4th place in the Duo Male category.  This year, David is only going to be the pit crew due to an injury sustained in training (not on board the new Access frame), so Chris will put his epic commuting miles to the test by racing solo (his longest race ever).  Here’s the team last year, debating whether to continue racing or not:

Chris is the one about to be punched

Wish us luck and if you’re going to be out there, stop by and say hello!  We’ll have Performance banners proudly hanging from our tent and, if you’re around Friday, there may even be an extra drumstick in it for you if you stop by (a limited supply though, so don’t wait around).

Good luck to everyone racing, and we hope to see you out there!


4 thoughts on “Burn 24 Buildup

  1. Yep, Carbon ACCESS 29er, I knew it. Put ‘er through hell, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Been rocking the 26 XCL frame for a couple years. Good stuff.

  2. I actually just got my hands on an Access 29er frame and I have to say, I’m pretty darn impressed.
    Unfortunately, due to chemo and this pesty colon cancer, I can’t ride as much or as hard as I’d like, but I never thought I’d enjoy it this much.
    Can’t wait to see the carbon version.

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