Cooking with Performance at Burn 24

So the Burn 24 Hour Challenge has come and gone for another year, and our own Chris Danz survived his first solo 24 hour mountain bike race (aboard one of our prototype Access carbon 29er hardtails, at least for part of the time!)  But before we write up a post about Chris testing out our new mountain bike, we wanted to share a bit about our pre-race experience, including our favorite part… cooking out on a grill!

We set up the Performance Bicycle tent right in the corner of the giant field that formed the campground for Burn 24, right where the racers came firing out of the woods near the end of each lap.  Our tent is right in the middle of the picture below, amongst the wide array of base camps packed around the field.

Here’s a better view of our humble abode for the duration of the race.  It wasn’t fancy, but it certainly was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity that this year’s race served up.

Now granted, some of the other teams were living in high style during the race, but we didn’t envy them that much (OK, maybe a little!)  Below you can see one team that arrived in serious style with 2 of the biggest RVs that we had ever seen! We think they even had satellite TV on in there.

But, like we said earlier, some of the most fun we have at these events is hanging out and cooking before the event even gets started.  With that in mind, allow us to present our solo rider extraordinaire, Chris, doing his best Next Food Network Star impersonation.  So here’s a video from our less serious side, to show that  you can whip up something a little different at your next 24 hour race, or backcountry mountain biking trip, with just a little preparation and an extremely tiny grill!  We hope you enjoy it, and we promise that we’ll bring more food next time!

If you’re interested in this tasty dish (and it was pretty good), you can find the recipe on epicurious.


3 thoughts on “Cooking with Performance at Burn 24

  1. Good to see your tent and EZ up survived the freak high wind rain storm. I could have made some serious cash selling EZ up pieces in front of the dumpster pre race. I think I passed the GT tent 16 times or so (solo) before the bell rang. Great job at your 1st 24 solo Chris! What was that full susser 26er you were on for a while? Great trails and good folks all over camp. See you next year.


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