Cyclocross Season So Far

We’re already 3 races down in our local NCCX cyclocross series, so it seemed like a good time to check in with the guys and gals from Performance HQ that have been testing their mettle in the local ‘cross scene.  The idea was to get the story so far, in their own words, but it turns out that you have to be careful what you ask for with this crew.

Randy chimed in by comparing ‘cross to “jabbing pencil lead into your eyeballs!”  Eric started quoting this guy, while Jason meandered off on a story about She Devils and the Hairy Princess (we’re hoping this was during the race on Halloween Day): “It hurt so bad, I had to stop midway through the race and start drinking beer, while eating a pulled pork sandwich, and a Bratwurst… So much for being a vegetarian!”

But you know the funny thing about their comments?  These guys love ‘cross, and can’t wait to go out for more!

Cyclocross has a funny way of pushing you to your limits (and often beyond), yet it keeps pulling you back for more.  Maybe it’s the excitement, maybe it’s the crowds, maybe it’s the camaraderie, or maybe it’s just the fun of riding your bike really fast on dirt, grass, sand and over whatever else is put in your way!  Whatever it is, once you start racing cyclocross, it’s hard to stop.  Here are some shots of the Performance cyclocross crew in action:

So let’s see your best shots from cyclocross season so far.  Post a link on our comments, or post a picture over on our Facebook page.  We want to see you suffering, crushing the competition, and having a great time riding and racing ‘cross, just like our crew!

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