Employee Interview – Anna Davidson

"Glam it up with a reflector"

  1. Tell us your name. Anna Marie Davidson (Anna), aka Peanut
  2. What is your position here at Performance and can you briefly sum up your job? Director of Web Production. My job can be summed up best by the words “online execution” – sounds truly glamorous, no?
  3. How long have you been working here? Not quite one year.
  4. What (if any) other positions have you held here at Performance? I was formerly the Web Production Manager, which was even more glamorous.
  5. What bike(s) do you ride? A nearly vintage Specialized Mountain Bike and a newly purchased Scattante Carbon Racing Bike. But, I’m still in the “poser” stage with my road bike as I’m still learning the basics, like: Reflectors hold no street cred, clipping in applies to more than seat belts and padding is actually a desirable extra “asset” in certain situations.
  6. Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere? The beautiful North Carolina Mountains.
  7. What hobbies/interests do you enjoy other than cycling? Feeling my way through parenting, Running, Cooking, watching Inspector Gadget with my 5-year-old.
  8. What one question would you like me to ask the next person? Why aren’t bike reflectors cool?

Question from Gaynor Collester: If a 1 year old is as smart as a Labrador Retriever, how smart is a 60 year old? It depends on the breed.

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