Employee Interview – Gaynor Collester

Gaynor Collester

  1. Tell us your name. Gaynor Collester (G-Roc, G-Luv, G- Money, G-Wiz, Butt Head)
  2. What is your position here at Performance and can you briefly sum up your job? Supervisor, Technical Product Support
  3. How long have you been working here? 11 yrs but seems like only 20
  4. What (if any) other jobs do you do and have you done here at Performance? Wrote, filmed, edited and acted in training videos, managed a warehouse, managed a wheel building operation, managed a bike build operation and currently teach mechanics classes by phone, coordinate product recalls, manage a small- micro- call center and handle non-legal, non-medical damage claims.
  5. What bike(s) do you ride? 15 year old Litespeed hard tail mountain bike and Scattante carbon road bike.
  6. Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere? Pyrenees
  7. What hobbies/interests do you enjoy other than cycling? Hiking, movies, good food, travel
  8. What one question would you like me to ask the next person? If a 1 year old is as smart as a Labrador Retriever, how smart is a 60 year old?

Question from Tami Frankie:

What did you dress up as for Halloween? A cranky old man

4 thoughts on “Employee Interview – Gaynor Collester

  1. Hello,

    I knew Gaynor many moons ago when he was the owner of Bull City Bikes in Durham. In fact, it was Gaynor who counselled me to buy a correctly sized bike, counsel I did not heed because I so coveted this Cannondale. Anyways, Gaynor is a bike person extraordinaire and it is good to know he is still working ‘in the biz.’


    Fraser Gordon
    Calgary, Alberta

  2. In 1984, at Bull City Bikes, Gaynor sold me the Trek 610 that I still ride to this day, and helped me build the wheels and construct the gear ratio for my 1988 ride through the Sierra Nevada mountains–and those same wheels are still going strong! He’s the absolute when it comes to all things cycling!

    Tripp Reade
    Durham, NC

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