Employee Interview – Tami Frankie


  1. Tell us your name: Tamara (Tami) Frankie
  2. What is your position here at Performance and can you briefly sum up your job? HR Assistant – Responsible for employee lists, supplies, employment verifications, job postings and popping the best popcorn ever.
  3. How long have you been working here? 2 years
  4. What (if any) other positions have you held here at Performance? Only this one…
  5. What bike(s) do you ride? I have a GT Avalanche 3.0 and a Scattante R-330.
  6. Where would you ride if you could ride anywhere? Colorado?
  7. What hobbies/interests do you enjoy other than cycling? Running on trails, listening to music, shopping, watching movies and learning to Salsa
  8. What one question would you like me to ask the next person? What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Question from Patrick EvansWhere is Turtis bike wash located?

Seriously Patrick…

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