Eurobike Update: The Bell Annex Helmet

The Feature-packed Bell Annex is a helmet for today’s commuter. Take it on a weekend ride or your commute— the MIPS equipped Annex will look the part

1.jpgThe subtle and sleek Annex looks great with office wear, or flip flops

We’re on the ground at Eurobike this week with our friends from Bicycling Magazine! There are so many great things to talk about, and we’ll try to cover a few interesting things over the next few days!

Here’s the latest by Bicycling:

After a “soft launch” last year, Bell’s city and commuter-oriented Annex is hitting the market for real.

With subdued colors and styling, the Annex will match your look whether you’re dressed up for the office, or down for a Saturday bar crawl. It also boasts some clever features, including a blinky light loop on the back of the helmet, which puts a light of your choice in a high and visible location, and a chin strap with built-in reflectivity to help drivers see you.

All Annex helmets also have MIPS, a slip-plane liner inside the shell claimed to reduce rotational forces on the brain and lower your chances of injury during an impact. Bell’s height–and–diameter adjustable Float Fit system keeps the helmet secure and comfortable on your head, and a ratcheting buckle lets you fine-tune the chin strap tightness with one hand. On the outside, an in-molded shell protects the helmet’s foam from the inevitable knocks and bumps of daily life.

The top-of-the-line Annex Shield ($175, 470 grams) features integrated eye protection, which fits over many eyeglasses— it can also be flipped up to increase ventilation, or totally removed. A slider on top of the helmet opens vents for cooling, or closes them for to keep out rain or chilly air. The Annex Shield is offed in classic white or black.

The Annex ($125, 425 grams) has most of the features of its more expensive sibling, but forgoes the eye shield and instead has an integrated cycling-cap style brim. It’s offered in black, matte silver and a blue-gray color called “Lead.”



2.jpgA loop on the back of the helmet positions your light up high, closer to drivers’ eyelines


3.jpgThe built-in eye shield on the top of the line Annex means you’ll never forget your eye protection

5.jpgWhen not needed, the eye shield can be flipped up and out of the way


4.jpgThe ratcheting buckle provides a fast way to fine-tune the Annex’s fit

 7.jpgWhen the weather is cooler or wetter, the Annex’s vents can be shut with a slider.

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