Community Events: Habitat Workday

This year on November 18th a number of employees from Performance’s World Headquarters here in Chapel Hill, NC made the long (15 minute) drive to neighboring Durham, NC to give half a day to the Durham chapter of Habitat For Humanity.

We gathered after lunch, both talented and non-talented, ready to do our parts.

Actually the only real thing we had going for us was a willingness to work but with Habitat, that’s all it takes!

Before long, our Habitat build site manager Denisha had Chaz and Erik churning out trim while others in our group painted the walls inside the house.

By the end of the day, gutters were cleaned, trim was made, paint was applied to walls and doors, and a post was wrapped. We worked hard and now two Habitat houses are a little tiny bit closer to completion.

Check out to see if there are volunteering needs in your community!

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