The facial hair of NAHBS

OK, so we’re still sorting through all of the pictures we took of the amazing craftsmanship on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Richmond.  We’ll post a recap of our day at the show, with details about the innovative designs and meticulous work, early next week.  Until then, we humbly present our portraits of the best facial hair we saw during our visit.  We enjoyed meeting both passionate builders and equally passionate show attendees, so we dedicate this post to the friendly faces and follicular style off the bike.

Jeff from Industry Nine

Bilenky Cycles

The smiling fellow in the middle, sporting a Martin Van Buren style ‘do, is our very own Chris Danz, in case you’re wondering.

NAHBS attendees

Stephen Bilenky

NAHBS attendee

Pista Mustache Wax

NAHBS attendee

NAHBS attendee

Banjo Cycles crew

Urban Velos

Check out Urban Velo for their gorgeous NAHBS bike portraits.

ANT Bikes Mike & Nancy

Chris' friends

Ted Wojcik

Vanilla Bicycles

NAHBS attendee

And this last one so we don’t forget the ladies (from the wall of Perly’s Restaurant, which is a great spot for lunch, by the way).

Painting in Perly's

If you are within driving distance of Richmond this weekend, we highly recommend that you go check out the show.  For those who can’t make it, our recap will be coming soon.

5 thoughts on “The facial hair of NAHBS

  1. Hot dog, we might have one of the coolest bike distributors in the idustry, or at least the one most likely to win a “Dave Grohl” look alike contest! Rock on!

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