Finally A Women’s Road Bike That Fits Like A Glove

Can we all just take a second to appreciate this glorious machine?




As a woman cyclist (Hello, I’m a woman!), I can say that it has been quietly understood for decades that women’s bikes are just smaller versions of men’s bikes. It’s as if the manufacturers decided that shrinking nearly every component by about 15% compared to the men’s version would be an easy and sufficient way to create a women’s sized bike. But (sorry, not sorry) it’s not.

If you’re unfamiliar with this, here is the reoccurring scenario for most of us women:

Usually, a woman will start off with a women’s bike →

→ However, after a couple of rides they’ll find that it’s too small in key areas, and therefore uncomfortable →

→ After a few months or a year of adjusting their riding stance and style to fit this women’s bike, they’ll decide to make the switch to a small men’s bike →

→ But it’s obvious after only a few rides that they’re still having to adapt to the portions of the bike that are larger

It can be a maddening, never-ending flip-flop between the two in order to find the perfect fit.

Well, you can stop searching. A bike with geometry specifically shaped and tailor-made to a woman’s build has been created and it rides like a dream: The Fuji Brevet.

With the meticulous creation of the Brevet, Fuji has accomplished something that many other bicycle manufacturers have struggled to do: build a women’s bike from the ground up with trial, research, and technology-backed women’s-specific geometry– which means a proportionately shorter reach and higher saddle height for a better fit. A shorter stem, narrower handlebars, and a women’s specific saddle with a wider tail are also highlights that improve the fit and handling of the bike right out of the box. Plus matching high-end, reliable parts for a dreamy road cycle with the fit and feel you’ve always wanted.

That’s right. Not only does the Brevet have women’s-specific geometry, it also has great components and technology built in to it.

To begin, the Brevet 1.3 (2017) has Shimano’s best selling Ultegra 11 speed drivetrain for smooth and quick shifting. It also includes Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for great stopping power in any weather condition and Shimano Ultegra-level RS685 hydraulic disc levers for swift and convenient braking and shifting abilities. For those of you interested in upgrading to the Di2 components, the Fuji Brevet has Di2 internal compatible cable routing to keep its sleek look.

Possibly the most high-tech component on the Fuji Brevet is the C10 high-modulus carbon frame with VRTech incorporated in to the frame material. VRTech is a revolutionary frame design technology that has vibration dampening material in key areas of the bike to improve comfort during long days in the saddle, without impacting the bike’s performance. In other words, VRTech makes it feel like you’re riding on freshly paved, smooth asphalt for every ride. That technology, combined with the women’s-specific fit means that the bike is more comfortable, and a comfortable bike is a more stable bike with steadier, more predictable handling. The Brevet makes it easy to look over your shoulder to check for traffic without losing your line or swerve, and means less strain on your neck when looking up the road to see what’s ahead.

This bike feels more like an extension of myself than a machine. For most women, our body ratio of longer legs with shorter torsos require a specialized geometry and components shaped to ergonomically fit our structures. Thanks to the Brevet, women no longer have to adapt themselves to fit a bike, because the Fuji Brevet has been adapted to fit women.

For all of the women cyclists who have been waiting for an opulent, prestigious road bike with every aspect wrapped in woman-specific components, the Fuji Brevet is it.


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