Flashback Friday – Spring/Summer 1983

Moving right along with our Flashback Fridays we find ourselves at our second ever catalog – Spring/Summer 1983.  Here are some fun page details:

True made-in-Italy framesets (which came with a front derailleur, of course) and custom build kits.  Obviously we were a much smaller company then (though we’ve been considering heading in this direction again sometime in the future – comments?).  How about a frame with a full Campy Super Record group for $765.00?  It goes without saying that bicycle technology has come a long way and there’s also inflation to consider, but you can’t even get just a Record Crankset for $765 these days!

Also of note: we used to custom build all of our wheelsets.  There’s an old wheel building machine upstairs that might make for an interesting blog post of its own one of these days.

The page above has a host of items that let us compare cycling products from then to now, both in functionality and cost.

Interestingly enough, Kreitler Rollers have held their value amazingly well over the years.  Using the US Inflation Calculator, we find that $229.95 in 1983 translates to $500.40 today.  The same Kreitler Rollers today? $499.99! And you can still ride them in front of your fireplace (truly that’s the only way to train).

On the other hand, Cateye cyclocomputers have leapt forward in value and technology.  That Cateye-Velo computer in today’s dollars would be $108.70.  For $19 less you can get a Cateye computer with all of the same features plus cadence and no wires (as well as a computer head that’s about 1/10th the size).  Sadly, the “bar graph” option seems to have been lost to the ages . . .


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  1. You’d be surprised how many folks still ask for that cotton tape and see-thru plastic tape at retail. It really adds that special feel and flare to a vintage bicycle.

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