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1982.  Ronald Reagan was in the White House, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney released “Ebony and Ivory”, “Cheers” debuted on TV and the personal computer was Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”.  But there was another momentous occasion that year as well (at least for us), as we published our very first catalog!

Performance Bicycle Shop first catalog

Consider this the launch of our new “Flashback Fridays” where (most) Fridays we’ll scan and post some pages from an old catalog.  This isn’t to make fun of the models (as much as we’d love to take a few jabs at those rainbow suspenders) but to illustrate the winding road that cycling has traversed over the last 30 years.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.  Feel free to leave us your opinions in the comments below (or give us some ideas of what you’d like to see)!

6 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays – From Our Archives

  1. The rims I am still riding (I need a new bike!) are pictured above…the Ambrosio 19 extra elite’s came on my ’86 Bianchi Campione de’Italia. Still hanging in there!

  2. I own a Performance Brand Mt. bike that I’d like to find out how old it is. It’s been converted to a road bike that I commute on and it’s rock solid. Tange Tubing, blue with black splatter paint.

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