Habitat For Humanity

Last week a couple of lucky volunteers from Performance headquarters got to work on a new Habitat For Humanity house in the neighboring city of Durham, NC.

It was a brand new house and they spent the afternoon shoring up insulation around the foundation so that other crews can start putting up some walls.

Like all Habitat houses, the new homeowners will get a zero interest loan, keeping the house affordable and helping Habitat work towards their goal of reducing homelessness worldwide.  Another fun bonus for this project is that the house is sponsored by another local company, Cree.  If you’re not familiar with Cree, they are the company that’s fulfilling the promise of LED lighting technology.  We can’t wait to see what kind of lights this house is going to have in a couple of weeks!

One of the great things about working at Performance is the opportunity to volunteer like this without taking a vacation day.  Performance gives every full time employee 8 hours of paid volunteer time each year, making sure that we all have the chance to invest in our communities.


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