Impress The Snob And Win

As you may have heard, Bike Snob NYC has just launched his “Meh Free Scat Contest”.

You can check out Bike Snob’s blog post for all the rules, but the entry deadline is 12:01AM EST on Saturday, January 30th.

We’ve got no input about who will win, so we’ll be no help there, but the prize is your choice of one of our new 2010 Scattante Americano single speed bikes.

However, since there is only going to be one winner, if you want to get your hands on your very own 2010 Scattante Americano you can place your order on right now (all 4 models will be in stock and posted on our site soon).

Plus we don’t mind if you want to try some “barspinzzz” with your new ride (not that we’re recommending it).

One thought on “Impress The Snob And Win

  1. – Austin I lit the parasol with an off carema video light. I suggest bringing an assistant for this. Balancing the carema and the video light at the same time was not easy for sure! I snagged the parasol from a coordinator that has some extras from a wedding we did together. I love that it is white so it worked as a great soft box. Thanks for the comment!Neal Thanks for the comment and checking out the blog.

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