Introducing Performance Sport Clothing


Around our headquarters, sometimes it’s really easy to get caught up in speed.  Fast riders, faster bikes, aerodynamic clothing and helmets—it’s hard to let go of the idea of making every ride a hard hammerfest workout. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and think about total fitness.

Whether it’s remembering to go for a fun ride with the family, or to get off the bike and into the gym for some cross training, there’s more to the athletic life than lycra— which is why we were inspired to create the Performance Sport line of clothing. It’s perfect for everything from more casual riding to going to the gym to yard work, yoga or just hanging around the house. It’s what we like to think of as “athleisure wear”.


The Design

Sport is our take on your typical athletic wear—but with a unique twist. As a cycling company, we wanted to create something that would work as well for a spin class or one of our Great Ride Series group rides as it would for lifting weights or our weekly yoga class—but also wouldn’t look out of place at the mall or coffee shop either.

It’s athletic apparel that fits into your everyday life.

We really consider the Sport Active Shorts to be the center piece of this collection. These men’s and women’s shorts are available either with or without a removable liner. With the liner, you get not only a great pair of athletic shorts, but a removable padded liner short as well that can add more comfort for casual riding or a spin class. Without the liner these shorts are perfect for a hard gym session, running, walking, yoga…pretty much anything you would use a standard pair of athletic shorts for. They’re lightweight and breathable enough for running on hot days, but comfortable enough for spending some time in the coffee shop or just lazing around on a Sunday morning.

In addition to the shorts, we also have a collection of tops. For both men and women we offer the Sport Heathered Tee, a high performance moisture-wicking garment that’s perfect for hard workouts at the gym or riding on hot days, but also are super soft and comfortable, and look great too—ideal for when you just want to throw something on quickly to run out for errands, do some yard work, or hang around the house.

Sport is now available at and in select Performance retail stores across the country.

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