Looking forward to 2011

So it’s happened once again… a new year is here and, frankly, we’re excited about 2011!  A new year brings with it new opportunities, the chance for new challenges and adventures, and more time to ride!  We thought we’d take the next few days to share just a few of the things we’re looking forward to in the next 12 months.

First and foremost, we’re looking forward to riding and racing with our friends.  It sounds so simple, but the best things often do.

If you’re lucky like us here at the office, you may be able to get out for a ride at lunch, or after work, with friends and coworkers, for that quick spin where everybody is “taking it easy” even though it invariably turns into a sprint-laden throwdown, just for the fun of it.

Or you could toe the line at a local race with your teammates, to test your mettle when the guns goes off.

Maybe you’ll convince a buddy that this is the year to try an epic off-road adventure, if only to prove to yourself that you can finish!

Or it could be that this year you’ll finally get your coworkers to give up their cars and try out the simple pleasure of riding their bike to work, if only for a few days.

Whatever you’ve got planned for the coming year, make sure it includes more time to hit the roads (or the trails) with your riding buddies.  Whether that means just a ride around the block with your family, a chill ride on the local trails with your crew, or an intense training ride with your teammates, it’s time you won’t regret.  We’re definitely looking forward to more time on the bike with our friends!

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