Movember Wrap-Up

As we move rapidly into December, we want to stop and take a quick moment to say one last goodbye to Movember!  If you didn’t realize why so many men were sporting mustaches last month (and you didn’t check out our earlier post), Movember is a worldwide movement to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues during the month of November, with a focus on prostate cancer awareness and research.  Here’s part of our team of “Mo Bros”, clean-shaven at the start of the month:

And here they are in all of their follicular glory, at the end of Movember!

Will’s mustache was acclaimed to be the “most impressive” by our panel of entirely subjective judges:

But they all sported their ‘stache with pride, and showed off some impressive grooming skill (especially Jason’s General Burnside look on the left below):

We hope you had a successful Movember of your own, or at least supported someone who did!  Performance Bicycle made a donation to the fight against prostate cancer in support of our crew of Mo Bros.  In the end, that’s what Movember is all about–raising money for and awareness of men’s health issues that all-too-often are not talked about… although we have to admit that is was also worth it just for these pictures of our coworkers!

Alleycat Racers: Leave a comment with your name and race number and click the ‘Yehuda Moon’ image to go to the next checkpoint!

98 thoughts on “Movember Wrap-Up

  1. The people on reddit got pretty into Movember, you should see some of the pics there of facial hair. I could never do it myself, but hey more power to you! #7804

  2. Erik 8049. Good choice in picking Movember for the alleycat. Makes me feel good to give the comment love to a charity. And, being a man I can appreciate men’s helath issues. Off to the next checkpoint!

  3. #5035 sprinkling fortunes…

    When you measure on a per-hour basis of exposure, bicycling is actually safer
    than being an auto passenger, even considering all the unsafe bicycling

    Mighk Wilson, bicycle planner for Orlando, Florida
    quoted in Adventure Cycling Feb 2010 p. 41

  4. #899 Recumbents attack from below. And were those really 30 day ‘staches? I have seen more fuzz on a Woolly Worm.

  5. Thanks again for hosting the checkpoint. And for your efforts against male cancers.

    You guys need to start a rock band with those darling facial hairdos!

    Ruth Turner #6691

  6. conjob, #5853

    alright. i hope this is over soon. it’s already 12:44pm in nepal, but i think i still have a few more hours to finish on american time!

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