National Bike Month

National Bike Month is here! May is a month-long celebration of all things cycling, and the League of American Bicyclists has made it easy to find out what is happening in your area with their guide to Bike Month Special Events.  They also have a handy Bike Month Guide to help you create a successful National Bike Month Event in your community, workplace, city or state (it’s never too late to plan an event).

But really National Bike Month should be an easy sell for cyclists everywhere.  It’s an excuse to ride your bike more, plus bring along some friends for the ride! Get your friends to dust off that old bike, or  pick up a new one, and remind them why they used to love to ride.  As a cyclist yourself, you know that:

  • Biking burns calories and boosts your metabolism
  • It increases your cardiovascular fitness
  • It strengthens and tones your muscles
  • It improves flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina
  • It relieves stress
  • Cycling is FUN (even when you’re grinding up that last hill)!

Invite someone new to your next group ride, or try one out for yourself at your local shop. Get your riding buddies together and go exploring on that new trail you’ve been meaning to try, or that road you’ve always ridden past. Ride slow and just enjoy the view.  Enjoy the fact that the only fuel you’re burning comes from your own 2 legs! Even car maker Audi has realized that maybe bicycles aren’t such a bad idea (what with $4 a gallon gas), and has partnered with handbuilt hardwood bicycle specialists Renovo to create a line of Audi-branded bikes.

Whatever you do, just get out there and ride! National Bike Month is a time to let everyone know that you’re a cyclist, and that they should be too.  So what are you waiting for… let’s go for a ride!

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  1. this is great! just got a new bike @ performance and ride it almost everyday. We’ve put a poll on our blogsite to see which greenways in the area folks like best–we’re always up for new spots to ride!

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